Posted by: Marella | February 22, 2010

The Green River Killer

If you google the name Gary Ridgway you’ll discover he’s the most prolific serial killer in US history. He makes Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer look like amateurs – he was prosecuted for 48 killings, but it is said he likely murdered 90. Shocking stuff. He did much of his ‘work’ in the Seattle area. He became known as the Green River Killer.

Not long ago, he was baptized out at the Walla Walla Penitentiary. He’s a Seventh-day Adventist now.

As far as jailhouse conversions go, the guys who’ve worked with him say he is entirely genuine. He has nothing to gain by this – he’ll be in that place until the day he dies. There’s zero chance of him ever seeing the light of day. But he has given his heart to Christ and embraced His word, and those who know him say the change in him is obvious and visible. God is good.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit and our prison ministries group here in the Walla Walla valley. There’s a ton of volunteers from many different valley churches that minister at the penitentiary. There were another four baptisms at the Pen just a few weeks ago. The Lord is working.



  1. […] of my potty mouth, my lust and the occasional bender, just think how happy baptism must have made Gary Ridgway, Jeffrey Dahmer, or David Berkowitz. How nice to know that it doesn’t matter whether you rape, […]

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