Posted by: Marella | April 19, 2010

I Hated Soul Winning! by Ramon Canals

“I hated soul winning,” said Sonia. “In fact, every time the personal ministries director, or the pastor got up in front of the Church to talk about soul winning or evangelism, I would take my daughter and go to the restroom just to escape the talk about soul winning. This went on for about five years. I hated soul winning and did not wanted to hear anyone talk about missionary work. Let alone, push me to do it.”

But everything changed one day when the nominating committee was trying to select a new personal ministries director and couldn’t find anybody. Nobody wanted to accept the responsibilities. After going through several names and not knowing who to choose, Sonia unaware of what she was doing and volunteered herself. Everybody was surprised, but unanimously voted Sonia to be the next Personal Ministries Director. She began praying for guidance and for a plan to reach out to non-believers. Today she is one of the most exciting and dedicated Personal Ministries directors and soul winners I have ever known. Before I began the meetings in Federal Way, she already had fourteen people ready for baptism and showed me the pictures she took of them so that the church could pray for them….


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