Posted by: Marella | August 2, 2011

Maria & Aldo

Maria was looking for a church after they moved to the TriCities. She had been raised in the Catholic faith and Aldo had been raised as a Seventh-day Adventist. Neither of them had gone to church for years, but it seemed like the right time to go back as they had a newborn baby boy. Maria talked with a co-worker about her desire to find a church. As it turns out, her co-worker did not go to church either, but her son did. She told Maria how much her son loved going to his church and how his life had been changed for the better. This is when Maria & Aldo showed up at the Richland Seventh-day Adventist Church.

After a few weeks of coming to the Richland Church, they wanted to study the Bible. The more they studied, the more their lives were changed. One example is that Maria began a daycare business in her home so she could stay home with her son. Business was poor and she wasn’t’ sure if she should continue, but they prayed to know God’s will in this situation. The next day Maria received calls to fill her daycare.

They came to the evangelistic series we held at the church. By the end of the series they committed their lives fully to God and were baptized. Aldo is on one of the praise teams at the church and they both are members of a small group.


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